Viet Nam Pagoda in Nepal inaugurated

VNA, Dec 21, 2005

New Delhi, India -- A ceremony to inaugurate the Viet Nam Pagoda was held in Lumbini, Nepal, on December 17, or the 17th of the 11th month of 2549 on the Buddhist calendar.

The ceremony was attended by Buddhist dignitaries from pagodas of Nepal, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, and the Republic of Korea in Lumbini Buddhist land. Representatives of the Nepalese government and the tourism ministry were also on hand.

Vietnamese Minister-Counsellor in India Ton Sinh Thanh, on behalf of the Government Religion Committee, presented a basket of flowers to the Viet Nam Pagoda's executive board.

Addressing the function, Most Venerable Thich Huyen Dieu, a representative of the International Buddhism Association, reminisced about the construction of the Viet Nam Pagoda over the past 12 years. He also expressed gratitude to Buddhists around the world for their spiritual and material assistance to building the Viet Nam Pagoda.

Later that day, the Pagoda distributed clothing and food to poor people of the area around the Pagoda.

The Viet Nam Pagoda, together with other Asian Buddhist pagodas in the Buddhist land, birthplace of Buddha Sakiamuni, is expected to contribute to developing infrastructure and improving people's living conditions in Lumbini through tourism.