Andhra Pradesh bracing up for world Buddhists meet

NewKerala (AP), Dec 27, 2005

Amaravati, India -- The stage is set for the congregation of Buddhist monks from around the world for the 'Kalachakra' coinciding with the 2,550 th anniversary of the day Lord Buddha left his earthly abode.

The Dalai Lama will offer the ''Kalachakra (wheels of time) Empowerment'' for the 30th time in his life here.

According to scriptures, Lord Buddha revealed in this town the Buddhist tantric practice of 'Kalachakra', an intricate integration of astrology, physiology and yoga that ultimately lead to ''enlightenment''.

In view of the Maoist activities in the region and inputs from intelligence agencies, the state police have put in place fool-proof security arrangements for the prestigious religious meet.

This tiny town, cradle of the Mahayana school of thought, will see participation by over 150,000 monks from different parts of the globe, including the Far East and South East Asian countries.

The Busshokai Centre of Kanazawa, Japan, is organising the 'Kalachakra' through the Dharmasala-based Norbulingka Institute, in coordination with the State Government, which has earmarked Rs 52.64 crore to provide facilities for the pilgrims.

The State Government had created ''Boudha Vanam'' with replicas of all known stupas at Nagarjunasagar, and ''Dyana Buddha Centre'' with a huge statue of the Lord for meditation, to showcase Andhra Pradesh as the most favoured destination for buddhist pilgrim tourists from across the world, Tourism Minister J Geeta Reddy said adding that Hollywood celebrity and Buddhism exponent Richard Gere is expected to take part in the meet.