Dalai Lama lays stress on scientific progress

Hindustan Times, Feb 7, 2006

Varanasi, India -- TIBETAN SPIRITUAL leader Dalai Lama said on Tuesday that the welfare of the world and peace was possible only when human beings co-existed with love and affection.

?The present era of globalisation in reality has existed since centuries in our society with the concept of ? Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam?, he said.Chairing a programme ? Dialogue Between Indian Philosophical Traditions? in the central library of the Tibetan Institute for Higher Studies here, Dalai Lama focussed on the various aspects of Buddhism in India.

He said Buddhism had almost declined in the 11th century, causing philosophical discussions in society to come to a halt. The whole world had deviated from the Buddhist ideology then.

With the passage of time, later, a new period of rejuvenation of Buddhism came and scholars re-established the Buddhist ideology in practice through thorough discussions. This tradition should be continued forever to establish an atmosphere of fraternity, peace and love among human beings, he said.

Commenting on the scientific revolutions and race for inventions in the world, he said that despite claims of adequate scientific development across the world, science was still in its childhood. The Dalai Lama dwelt at length on the importance of Shepa (Knowledge) and science and said science and knowledge were being expanded not only in India but throughout the world in an unlimited manner. No society and nation could attain progress by disassociating itself from the pace of science and knowledge.

?For the progress and prosperity of the world, it is the need of the hour to attain scientific progress along with religion, philosophy and spirituality? he said.Indian Vedic philosophy stresses on soul while Buddhism talks about ? Shepa?, consciousness and cognition.

Director of the Central Tibetan Institute for Higher Studies, Prof N Samteng, Prof Joy Garefield, Vetina Bomer, SR Bhatt and Raja Ram Shukla also addressed the function.