A peek into a fascinating religion

Cybernoon, June 20, 2007

Mumbai, India -- Have you always been fascinated by Buddhism, especially by the way it was in its days of glory?  If you are interested in understanding the religion the way it once was and in its own language, then the K.J. Somaiyya Centre is the place for you.

The institute offers various courses like a Diploma in Buddhist Studies (1 year), Diploma in Pali (1 year), Post-Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies (2 years), and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Pali (2 years).

The K.J. Somaiyya Centre for Buddhist Studies was inaugurated by His Holiness Dalai Lama on December 6, 1993. They launched their Diploma Courses on Buddhism and the Pali Language in 2002. Now, they have received accreditation from Mumbai University this year.

Buddhism is and remains a rich product of India. Buddhism was born on Indian soil in the 6th century B.C. Today however, Buddhism is a way of life for many across the world.

Buddhism has had a tremendous impact globally and is therefore indispensable for the understanding of history, culture, religion and philosophy. Recognising this, the K.J. Somaiyya Center for Buddhist Studies has been established to promote an in-depth research and study in Buddhism.

“The course was started with the intention of spreading awareness amongst the people about its rituals and its origin. Unfortunately many scholars and educationists believe that though the religion is followed by many Indians it is not a part of Indian culture. It was because of Dr. Ambedkar that the religion came into the limelight and acquired new dimensions. Also, we wanted to remove any misunderstandings that may be in people’s minds about the religion.

Through this course we are trying to cover the origins and the chronological events that gave the facets and contours to this religion from its origin in the late 6th century B.C. till date,” said Dr. K. Sankarnarayan, the Director of the institute.

"Lord Buddha's words are preserved in Pali Scriptures. To understand the original teachings of the Buddha, one should know Pali language. We have received a good response for both Buddhist Studies and Pali," she added.