India's political party rakes up Buddha relic issue again


PATNA, India -- Political party Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), which is also a member of India's governing coalition led by the Congress Party has once again raked up the issue of keeping the holy relic of Lord Buddha in Vaishali district.

The party has asked Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to abide by the advice of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to consider the request of Union minister Raghuansh Prasad Singh to keep the holy relic in a museum in Vaishali.

The RJD on Monday released a letter to this effect written by Vajpayee to Nitish. Vajpayee wrote to Bihar chief minister after Singh sent a letter to him urging him to meditate on his behalf.

Singh and Nitish have crossed swords over the issue as the state government plans to display the Holy relic in a newly-constructed park here. The Union minister wants to the holy relic to shifted back to Vaishali from where it was excavated in 1958. Singh represents the Vaishali parliamentary seat in the Lok Sabha.

“The decision of the chief minister to rejuvenate the Nalanda University in Nalanda was right because there are facts to prove that the university earlier existed in Nalanda. Similarly, there is historical propriety to keep the holy relic of Lord Buddha in Vaishali,” said senior RJD leader Jagdanand Singh accusing the chief minister of ignoring the sentiments of the people of Vaishali and former PM Vajpayee.