Burmese monks in India forms a group to protect Buddhism

by Htein Linn, Mizzima News, December 17, 2007

Bihar, India -- In a view to uplift the Buddhist Sasana (religion) Burmese monks on Sunday formed an organization at Buddhist sacred place of Gaya in India's Bihar state.

The new Monks' organization, 'Sasana U Shaung', is aimed to uplift the Buddhist religion in Burma, which according to the Monks, had been defamed and demoralized by the Burmese military junta by killing, arresting and torturing monks during a crackdown on protestors in September.

Sayadaw U Pyinyawara, Chair of the organization told Mizzima, "This group is apolitical, it is purely for religious matter. In accordance with the religious teachings, the group will seek for the peace of the people and protect the Lord Buddha's religion. Monks will only be worth calling sons of God only if we abide to the Lord's teachings. If we listen to the rulers we would only be sons of the rulers. So, we will preserve the Lord's teachings and work for expansion of the Sasana."

The group by following instructions from leaders of the International U Shaung organization including Penang abbot Sayadaw U Pyinyawuntha and Masoeyein abbot Sayadaw U Kovida will protect the Buddhist religion, and work for expansion of the Sasana, U Pyinyawara said.

The group formed with 11 monks at the foot of the great Bodhi tree in Gaya, will also serve the interest of Monks, and fight for freedom of publishing Buddhist teachings, and in cooperation with other organizations work for the peace of humanity, U Pyinyawara added.