‘Blending science with humanism a challenge’

The Hindu, Dec 24, 2007

Future requires synthesis of religion, spirituality and science, says Venkatachalaiah

HYDERABAD, India -- Former Chief Justice of India M.N. Venkatachalaiah has said that blending science with humanism would be the biggest challenge of the country in coming years.

Speaking after giving away the annual awards of the Sanathana Dharma Chairtable Trust to eminent citizens here on Sunday, Justice Venkatachalaiah said science was the hope, salvation and emancipation of the country.

The future required a synthesis of religion, spirituality and science.

He called for excellence in science teaching methods but regretted that the standards of education were not competent in the country. The teachers required good communicative skills.

Sivananda Murty, the guru of ‘Anandavanam’ which is managed by the trust near Bheemunipatnam in Visakhapatnam district, said the awards were meant to inspire the younger generation and help bring out the best in them.

K. Basavaraju, Managing Trustee, said a feature film ‘Gautama Buddha’, produced by the trust, was ready for release in Telugu and Hindi. The script of the film was being released in the form of a book.