I will stand by Tibetan cause: Kelly Dorji

By Subhash K. Jha, IANS, April 17, 2008

Mumbai, India -- Model-turned-actor Kelly Dorji’s presence at a Tibetan world-peace rally last week surprised many, but the actor with a Tibetan connection is unperturbed and says he will always support the cause.

<< Model turned actor, Kelly Dorji

“To begin with, I did it for aunt Gawa, Danny Denzongpa’s wife. She’s my father’s cousin. But I’d have attended anyway. It was to pray for world peace. I fully and strongly support the Tibetan issue, though I am not a political person,” Kelly told IANS.

“I believe Tibet has been raped for 50 years. I’ve many relatives in captivity. When some Tibetans decided to not participate in the Olympics, the media suddenly woke up to the issue. Why? The Tibetan issue has nothing to do with the Olympics. Why are we mixing the two issues? The Olympics will happen regardless of Tibet.”

Kelly, who aims to become the best baddie in filmdom, doesn’t believe Aamir Khan should stay away from the Olympics.

“Hey, it’s a personal choice. If they want to be part of it they should. I wouldn’t hold it against them for one minute. Even the Chinese people… we should hold no grudges against them. They’re such lovely people, but the hangover from Communism lingers.

“I’ve heard all the recent protesters are going to be executed on May 1. China thrives on public executions of protesters to make an example of them. Before they protest too loud, kill them.”

The actor, who makes it a point to travel by auto rickshaw, says he’s upset with world apathy.

“I’m not against Chinese people. I’m against the self-centred attitude of the world. Fifty years ago no one cared about Tibet. They still don’t. There’s no oil in Tibet. No superpower is going to come to the little country’s rescue. Everyone is so busy making politically correct statements you wonder how your words are going to be interpreted. Even now as I speak I wonder how my words are going to be perceived. But I’m not a politician. I’m a human being and a good one brought up with the right values,” said the actor who recently featured in the first Telugu film “Don No. 1?.

“My grandmother is Tibetan and I’ve a lot of relatives in Tibet. They’re greatly frightened by what’s happening to the country. I’ve never been to Tibet. I’d love to. I’m not in favour of any form of government, but I favour the middle path because I’m a Buddhist. And that’s exactly what the Dalai Lama is advocating.

“The lovely thing about attending the peace rally in Mumbai last week was that there were people of all nationalities. Through prayer and perseverance something good is bound to happen in Tibet. I may have a voice, but whether it’s Richard Gere or me supporting the Tibetan cause, I feel every voice counts. Tibet isn’t asking for complete independence from China. All they want is autonomy, the right to run their own country. Tibet is a non-belligerent nation. They’re a fine example of a peace-loving people being bullied into a corner.”

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