'Peace, harmony key to prosperity'

by Upali Rupasinghe, Lanka Daily News, Feb 7, 2005

New Delhi, India -- "The disastrous effects of the tsunami tragedy has made people of Sri Lanka unite, forgetting all differences among nationalities and faith and to work together with dedication for the benefit of one and all, " said Mangala Moonasinghe, High Commissioner for Sri Lanka in India addressing a religious function held on the Independence Day of Sri Lanka to bring merit and peace to those lives lost during the tsunami disaster.

The function was held at the Buddha Temple of the Maha Bodhi Society of India at New Delhi was attended by Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Sheik and Christian religious leaders as well as Sri Lankans living in New Delhi and officials of the High Commission.

Sri Lanka, traditionally a Buddhist country has a good number of followers of different faiths and also nationalities such as Sinhala, Tamil and Muslims.

There are also political parties holding different views, opinions and policies. At this moment of tragedy all have shed their differences and have come forward to re-build the nation.

This has to be appreciated and maintained forever, he said.

The Government of Sri Lanka is making all efforts to bring the nation back to its glorious past.

This can be done only if peace and harmony prevails among the different communities, Mr. Moonasinghe said.

He also thanked the people and the government of India for taking prompt action and extending assistance in numerous ways and means from the very day the tragedy occurred.

Ven. Kahawatte Siri Sumedha Thera, Asst. General Secretary of the Maha Bodhi Society of India handed over a financial donation to Mr. Moonasinghe to be sent to the President's Fund in Sri Lanka as an assistance to provide relief to tsunami victims.

Ven. Uyangalle Gnanarathana Thera, Bhikkhu-in-Charge of the New Delhi Centre of the Maha Bodhi Society of India, said that all efforts should be made to maintain peace and harmony among all communities in Sri Lanka at any cost.

The event was sponsored by the Sri Lanka High Commission in New Delhi.