Sri Lanka's Sinhala Buddhist party submits proposals to solve the ethnic problem

ColomboPage News Desk, May 29, 2007

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- Sri Lanka's Sinhala Buddhist Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) party today submitted its long awaited proposals to solve the ethnic problem of the country that has taken over 65,000 lives so far.

The party submitted its proposals to the Chairman of the All Party Representative Committee (APRC) Prof. Tissa Vitarana. The APRC has been appointed by the All Party Conference called by the President to seek solutions for the drawn out ethnic problem.

The JHU that totally denies there is an ethnic problem in the country proposes an executive presidency answerable to the parliament. The President should come to the parliament quarterly and should participate in the parliamentary debate on the President's expenses of the budget. JHU suggests appointing a Deputy Minister on Presidential affairs.

Addressing a press briefing after submitting the proposals the JHU parliamentary group leader Athraliye Rathana Thero said that Sinhalese are the only nationality in the country and minorities can enjoy the privileges outlined by the UN declarations.

JHU Legal Adviser Udaya Gammanpila challenged the patriotic forces who emphasize the abolition of executive presidency saying that the Westminister system they propose is outdated and backward.