Sri Lanka funds uplift of Dhamma education

by M.A.R. Manukulasooriya, Lanka Daily News, Feb 23, 2009

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- Massive funds are spent annually by the Government for the uplift of Dhamma education, said Pandu Bandaranayake, Minister of Religious Affairs.

He was inaugurating the new "Punya Grama" program at Sri Sumithrarama Temple, Kadawalagedara in the Panduwasnuwara DS Division.

The Minister said that arrangements had been made to develop all Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu and Islamic Dhamma Schools in the island irrespective of creed or nationality.

A special plan has been drawn up to hold Dhamma knowledge competitions among all these Dhamma School students and award prizes and certificates to them.

He said the main objective of this program is to uplift the religious co-existence. It has become a timely necessity to bring the minds of the people in the Eastern Province who were trapped in a war for thirty years to a peaceful condition. A special program has been implemented to develop all the religious places in the Eastern Province.

The Minister said that the Government had given the highest recognition to the Dhamma schools to guide our younger generation on most appropriate paths to become worthy citizens of tomorrow.

At present Dhamma school teachers are granted a library allowance and uniforms. Arrangements are being made to grant Rs. 15,000 for every Dhamma school in the Panduwasnuwara electorate for their development.

He said our President is a Buddhist, but as the leader of the State, every possible assistance is granted by him for the uplift of the other religious places too.

President has realised that co-existence among all the religions is essential to build up a peaceful society.

The Minister said some children who have not received Dhamma education send their aged parents to Elders' homes.

These children hold higher positions in the society. But they think that their aged parents have become a trouble to them.

This is a sad state of affairs. We should always try to live as members of a single family. Our president tries his best to bring peace to the country. All the religious leaders invoke blessings on him.

Ven. Kirindawa Soratha Thera, Chief Incumbent of Kadawalagedara Sri Sumithraramaya said that only through enlightenment can we achieve human fulfilment.

For this we need the guidance of Dhamma. Only through Dhamma can we understand the great values of humanity.

No one can expect to reap good by propagating evil. Buddhism could be utilized as a formidable weapon to bring solace to the globe where we find human groups engaged in bloody conflicts, the Thera added.