Massive Buddhist programme at Nalanda College

By Chamikara Weerasinghe, Lanka Daily News, Nov 1, 2004

Colombo, Sri Lanka -- One hundred Buddhist monks of the Asgiriya Chapter will call on Nalanda College, Colombo today to preach the dhamma to its students in the school's one hundred classrooms in a massive Buddhist programme, organised by the Old Nalandians' Buddhist Association, to mark the school's 80th anniversary.

The Old Nalandians' Buddhist Association has organised the event under the guidance of Principal of Nalanda College, Hemantha Prematilleke, who is also the Chief Lay Advisor to the Association.

The Buddhist monks will be conducted in a procession to the school by the students, from Sri Sumangalarama temple in Colombo. Nalanda College Principal Hemantha Prematilleke said that 100 Buddha statues which would be brought into the school by the Mahasangha would be placed in each classroom of the school.

Dhamma sermons, Bodhi pujas, acts of alms giving to the Mahasangha and pirith sajjayanas will be held throughout the day.

Prematilleke said that this was the biggest religious event that Nalanda College had organised and he planned to hold it every year as a means to indicate the importance of persisting with moral values.