New round of repair work at Potala Palace, Feb 12, 2009

Lhasa, Tibet (China) -- The Potala Palace is a holy site for Tibetans, receiving many pilgrims and visitors every year.

The second phrase of repair work at the Potala Palace is scheduled to be completed this year.

Perched atop the Marpo Ri Mountain in Lahsa, the Potala Palace preserves every pilgrim's wishes.

Many travel long distances to pray here for a good future. Authorities have lifted restrictions on the number of tourists entering the area.

Such restrictions were just one of a range of local government measures to protect and maintain the site.

Part of the second-phrase of maintenance work is to repair the sacred golden roofs. Symbolizing honor in Buddhism, the golden roofs attract many tourists every day.

The influx of visitors inevitably resulted in damage to the holy area. The central government has allocated 240 million yuan for the Potala Palace repair project, which is expected to be completed in September this year.