Buddhist women to gather

by B.Bolortuya, MONTSAME, June 19, 2008

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia -- An opening ceremony of international forum of the ''Sakyadita'' international organization of Buddhist women will be held July 1 in the central cultural center of Ulaanbaatar.

The forum activities will be arranged on July 1-5 in the Mongol Palace in Gachuurt village to hold discussions and meetings on wide range issues related to Buddhist women's entering the international association, to religious education and trainings, gender equality, custom of other confessions, improvement of solidarity and relations and to keeping peace worldwide under Buddha teachings.

The forum will be attended by many Mongolian highly educated and famous women.

M.Bolormaa, the Minister of Education, Culture and Sciences, works as the head of international Buddhist organization in Mongolia.

Prior to this, the forum was organized in 1987 in India, in 1991 in Bangkok, in 1993 in Columbia, in 1995 in India, in 1998 in Cambodia, in 2002 in Taiwan, in 2004 in South Korea, and in 2006 in Malaysia.