Buddhist University finds music to their ears

by Chris Henry, Isionline, Jan 3, 2006

Taipei, Taiwan -- The central library of Fo Guang University has completed a complex project of Mipro's wireless in-ear monitoring systems. The MI-808 system is a professional UHF-band stereo receiver and transmitter.

The system is frequency-agile over a 24 MHz bandwidth with 16 selectable pre-programmed non-interference frequencies. 100 MI-808R receivers, eight MI-808T transmitters, four customised AD-808 Antenna Divider Combiners and 100-set of E8S earphones were installed.

Fo Guang University is a unique institution of higher learning dedicated to providing a traditional liberal arts education of global outlook in the grand Buddhist spirit (students are neither required nor expected to study Buddhism or practice it's tenants). The university belongs to Fo Guang Shan, built in 1967, it is the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan today with over 1,000 monastics. Presently Fo Guang Shan has over 200 branch temples throughout the world.

The project had its difficult requirements where 100 wireless receivers and its earphones were expected to be heard clearly and without interferences in any of the five different floors. Various languages and music lessons are broadcasted over the transmitters for learning students. A difficult task indeed, however, with the aid of two application engineers from Mipro, the installation was completed as scheduled.

The University A/V sound engineer was highly impressed with its user-friendly features and functions. He praised the rugged construction and the lightweight yet exceptionally durable magnesium alloy receivers. The most impressive features were its ability to hear high quality sound at such a long distance in different floors with stable, clean and uninterrupted transmission signals.