Exhibition seeks to raise awareness of environmental ills

Taipei Times, Apr 20, 2008

Taipei, Taiwan -- A special exhibition aimed at raising public awareness of global warming and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions opened yesterday, with some 100 activists pledging to conserve energy resources on a daily basis to save the earth.

Visitors to the exhibition can calculate how many tonnes of carbon dioxide they produce per day by by means of a quiz and can learn more about the impact of global warming and the ways people can conserve energy to help the planet.

“I hope people can really understand that our earth is sick,” said Josephine Lee, a spokeswoman for the event organizer, the Da-an Branch of the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation.

Saying that knowing about global warming is not enough, Lee emphasized that “we must learn what to do and how to do it to save energy on a daily basis, to help save our environment.”

One fifth grader who visited the exhibition with her mother vowed to invite her friends to save energy after attending the show.

“Through the exhibition, I now understand the importance of environmental protection,” Wu Chi-ning said.

Seven-year-old Chang Ching-hsiang said he learned that “reduction of carbon dioxide emissions will also reduce flooding” and encouraged people to get into the habit of sorting garbage and recycling.