Chinese IPTV Service Adds Hwazan TV Channel, may 8, 2008

Taipei, Taiwan -- KyLinTV announces the most recent channel to join its extensive list of 41 live channels. Hwazan TV is now available on KyLinTV offering the beliefs of Buddhism to its international audience.

Hwazan TV is a Chinese-language Buddhist channel from Taiwan aimed at spreading the teachings of Buddha to the rest of the world. Audiences are able to see Hwazan TV 24 hours a day.

Hwazan TV originated in January 2003, offering a platform for Ven. Master Chin-Kung to preach Buddhist dharma. Utilizing IPTV technology allows the teachings to reach a broader audience throughout the world.

Due to unrestricted channel capacity and no geographic boundaries, IPTV allows an unlimited amount of programming to reach viewers worldwide. KyLinTV plans to rollout several more channels in the coming months.