Memorial ceremony for late Ven. Hui Pen

Lanka Daily News, Aug 28, 2008

Kaoshiung, Taiwan -- The passing away of Ven. Hui Pen the Chief Abbot of Tzuyan Temple in Kaoshiung province Taiwan is a great lost to the World Buddhist Sangha Council (WBSC) as well as the World Sangha Community.

Ven. Hui Pen was the Secretary General of the WBSC (Chinese Section) for the last six years, and he was really the live-wire behind most of its activities.

Ven. Hui Penís organisational ability was clearly evident from the success achieve by the WBSC conference held in 2007. He was fully committed to the success of the undertaking of the WBSC and gave his utmost best in whatever he undertook to perform.

As the Chief Abbot of Tzuyan Temple in Kaohusing he did yeoman service in his attempt to uplift education of the people of that region.

He was a very committed social worker who did much to serve the people in need.

His untimely passing away in undoubtedly an irreparable loss to the WBSC.