Govt urged to back Buddhist temple plan

ABC News Online, Feb 2, 2006

Sydney, Australia -- Shoalhaven Mayor Greg Watson says recent meetings with NSW Government department heads in Sydney have boosted support for the proposed Shaolin Buddhist temple.

The proposed complex for Comberton Grange, near Falls Creek, south of Nowra, would include a three-tier temple with accommodation for 500 people, plus an exhibition hall.

Councillor Watson says it would be far larger than the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple in Wollongong and would generate larger revenues.

He says the State Government needs to support the project as other countries are also in the bidding.

"The abbot was approached by the Italian Government recently and they offered him a very good deal to establish the first Shaolin temple outside of China in Italy, he has rejected that offer and he's still going with us which is good," he said.