Sands of Peace and Harmony

Perth Now, February 14, 2008

Buddhist mandala at TAFE

Perth, Australia -- THEY say that just to gaze upon a sacred mandala enhances enlightenment. Start the year with some spiritual growth.

Experience the creation of a sacred sand mandala by four Tibetan Buddhist Monks. Each morning starts with chanting meditation and through the day there is the opportunity to observe the mandala as it grows to completion. Closed Sunday.

After 9 days of painstaking construction of the intricate pattern, which is created from memory (using coloured marbled sands through brass funnels), the whole artwork is swept up by the Monks and dispatched to the river, emphasising not the futility of life and art but the impermanence of existence.

If you go:

8.30am 13-16 & 18-21 Feb: daily chanting meditation

10am-4pm 13-16 & 18-20 Feb: visit the changing mandala

3pm Thursday 21 February: closing ceremony - a wonderful auspicious occasion with chanting and sweeping up of the sands. Accompany the sands to the Swan River for ceremonial disposal.

The Monks are Venerable Thupten Jigmes, Venerable Sonam Paljor, Venerable Losang Thinklay Sherpa, resident in India, led by Genla Thupten Lodey, resident in Perth.

A free event presented in partnership with TARA (Tibetan Ancient Ritual Arts Association), and with support from the City of Perth and Office of Multicultural Interests, WA

Central TAFE Art Gallery
12 Aberdeen St, Perth, near corner of Beaufort
phone 9427 1318 email