Temple given major project status

ABC, Dec 18, 2008

Adelaide, Australia -- The South Australian Government says major project status has been given to a Buddhist temple project at Sellicks Hill in Adelaide because of its unusual character.

The 35-metre-high temple will be built on a 55-hectare site between Main South Road and the coast.

It is the second project in recent days to be given the major project status, but the SA Government denies it is a tactic to bypass councils and to achieve development.

SA Development Minister Paul Holloway says the plan will be subject to a very rigorous approval process that includes the chance for the public to comment.

"What will happen now is any of the issues associated with this proposal, whether they be aesthetic whether they be traffic issues or other amenity issues, can all be considered as part of this process and the proponent will have to give consideration for any public comments," he said.