Woman wants Buddha statues banned from Hope Valley nursing home

News.com.au, April 07, 2010

Vista, Australia -- A CHRISTIAN woman is demanding a nursing home in South Australia remove decorative Buddhist statues, saying they are "stressful" for Christian residents including her 89-year-old father-in-law.

Ruth Thompson, of Vista, has lodged a complaint with the ACH Group's Highercombe aged care home in Hope Valley, which opened late last year.

At least half a dozen statues of Buddha, about 60cm tall, adorn communal areas, Mrs Thompson says.

"We're so agitated and annoyed about it," she told the Leader Messenger last week.

"It's very stressful for the older people to see this sort of thing.

"We are committed Christians and we don't want Buddhist statues in our faces all the time."

However, ACH Group general manager of residential services Greg Adey said there had been no other complaints from the more than 60 residents or their families.

Mr Adey said the statues were purely decorative and would not be removed.