Designer altars

The Buddhist Channel, June 8, 2014

Tokyo, Japan -- Torafu architects have designed a minimalist wooden buddhist altar which can easily be rearranged to suit ones specific ritual.

By varying the height of the seven traditional altar components; a spirit tablet, food offering bowl, tea and hot water offering bowl, flower stand, incense burner, candlestick stand and singing bowl, users can accommodate the respective pieces in tiers even when presented on a flat plate.

"With this new type of altar, the ritual implements can be rearranged as easily as changing the layout of the furniture in one’s home," explain torafu architects.

"The materials used, such as walnut and beech, bring into the everyday scenery a new warmth hitherto absent from traditional family altars as it is made from solid wood not unlike that found in regular furniture."

The altars has been designed to inconspicuously occupy space.

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