'Festival of Tibet ' and '4th International Festival of Films on Peace and Human Rights'

Phayul, December 13, 2006

Barcelona, Spain -- The Tibet House Foundation in Barcelona had organized Festival of Tibet from 7th to 10th December in order to commemorate the 17 anniversary of Nobel Peace Prize to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, to pay homage to the International Human Rights Day and 2nd year of the new Tibet House.

During these 4 days Festival we showed films on “Milarepa”, by Neten Chokling Rimpoche; “Buddhist Trilogy by Graham Coleman”; “Buddha’s in Exile”, by Flavio Signore; and the Nobel Peace Ceremony of His Holiness.

There were also highlight concert on Tibetan Music Namgyal Lhamo, ex TIPA, and Loten Namling from Switzerland . All Tibetan Community and friends of Tibet celebrated the 10th December with joyful feeling remembering the recognition of His Holiness the man of Peace and the other side remembering the suffering of our country fellow brothers living inside the Tibet with no Human Rights.

The 4 days festival went so successfully.