Early Buddhist Manuscripts: The Palm-Leaf Tradition Exhibition at the MET Museum

Design News, May 6, 2008 Visit Link

New York, USA -- This display of the Museum’s rare holding of Indian illuminated palm-leaf manuscripts focuses on one remarkable Mahayanist Buddhist text, the Ashtasahasrika Prajnaparamita Sutra (Perfection of Wisdom).

In the Buddhist pantheon, this meditation text is also represented in a personified form as the goddess of the same name. These superbly illustrated folios are supported by related illuminated book covers, sculptures, and Tibetan thankas.

A vast body of Indian religious texts was recorded and transmitted though the medium of the palm-leaf manuscript.

This humble form of the book, at once both fragile and resilient, has provided the vehicle for transmitting Indian religious thought for more than 2,000 years and has been a medium for preserving some of the earliest-known surviving paintings from India.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Fifth Avenue, New York
29 July-16 November, 2008