Buddhist Art Museum to Exhibit Elaborate Embroidery from Myanmar

KBS World, Aug 26, 2008

Seoul, South Korea -- The traditional embroidery of Myanmar uses elaborate materials such as gold threads, silver threads, pearls, marbles, gem stones and metals. As Buddhism is deeply rooted in the lives of the Myanmar people, most of the embroidered works are linked to Buddhist culture.

The Museum of Korean Buddhist Art is holding a special exhibition featuring the Buddhist art of Myanmar. It is the second Southeast Asian Buddhist art exhibition the museum has hosted since the "Laotian Buddhist Sculpture Exhibit" held last year.

The latest exhibit features paintings that portray the life of Buddha, diverse Buddhist sculptures and paintings as well as some 30 pieces of elaborately embroidered fabrics from Myanmar.

The museum explains that some of the paintings may feature Buddha as a king, servant, peasant or as animals such as an elephant, lion, deer, monkey, rabbit, peacock or fish.