Hoi An to exhibit Buddhist engravings

Vietnam News Service, March 21, 2005

QUANG NAM, Vietnam -- Around 200 calligraphic stone works will be exhibited at the Quang Nam-Heritage Road Festival 2005 in the historic town of Hoi An.

<< Stoned: Stone engravings are to be featured at the Quang Nam-Heritage Road Festival 2005. - VNS Photo Ngoc Tuan

Nuns and Buddhists from Bao Chau Pagoda began engraving calligraphy on stone in 2004, using stones from springs in the mountainous district of Hien.

Thich Nu Giai Thien, chief nun of Bao Chau Pagoda, came up with the idea of making these stones and selling them for charity.

Volunteers and calligraphists in Quang Nam and Da Nang supported the idea.

The stones will be displayed at the Palm Garden Resort in Hoi An during the festival, running from March 21 to 27.