Bangladeshi Buddhist families resettle to Arakan state


Maungdaw, Myanmar -- Bangladeshi Buddhist families have resettled to Karayni Natala village in Maungdaw south, Arakan state, according to one Maungdaw officer.

ďThe Bangladeshi Buddhist families entered Burma with the help of District Administration Officer Aung Myint Soe on Jan.10, and stayed at the central monastery until resettling in Maungdaw south (on Jan.13).Ē

The Rakhine community in Arakan State organized one Buddhist Marmagyi family and 29 Bangladeshi Rakhine families to resettle to Burma after they were facing difficulties earning a living in Bangladesh, according to one Bangladeshi Rakhine who didnít want his name used.

The man said the families moved because they were promised homes and support from authorities and international aid groups.

There are more than 100,000 Rakhines living in Bangladesh. Many moved to the area in the 18th century to escape persecution from the Burman kingdom.

Nearly all of the Maungdaw high officials are Rakhine, according to a Muslim Maungdaw school teacher who didnít want their name used. They want to populate the area that is 90% Rohingya with more Bangladesh Rakhine,