Association of monks in Burma urges holding protest day on Sept 11

by Joi Htaw, Independent Mon News Agency, September 10, 2007

Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) -- The association of monks in Burma ­ Sangha Thanmaggi has urged all monks to step outside monasteries and stage peaceful protest walks tomorrow to show their unity and condemn the violence perpetrated by the pro-juntaUnion Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) and Pyithu Swan Arr Shin on monks in Pakokku.

The statement by Sangha Thamaggi said what the pro-junta thugs have done in Pakokku is an insult to the rest of the monks in Burma . They tied the monks to lamp posts and beat them with gun butts. There was also firing in the air.

The monk's association has demanded that the junta stop such violence immediately and release all detained monks. The association has also demanded an apology for the abuse of the monks.

Sangha Thamaggi said it had encouraged the Pakokku monks who were protesting peacefully to express their solidarity with demonstrating against the escalating prices of essential commodities after the junta doubled the prices of fuel.

The Pakokku monks' action is in keeping with the fundamentals of Buddha's teaching and Sangha Thamaggi has provided full support to them and is ready to come forward to do anything for the monks.

The state run News Light of Myanmar newspaper said that news of a monk being killed by the USDA and Pyinthu Swan Arr Shin was not true. Neither had the two organizations troubled the monks.

The statement said in order to show unity among the monks, Sangha Thamaggi has urged all the monks to go outside the monasteries and walk peacefully on September 11 and pray for the well-being of the people.