Thailand: Religious Affairs Department warns of frauds during Buddhist Lent

ThaisNews, Oct 9, 2006

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Director-General of the Religious Affairs Department, Mr. Preecha Kanthiya, warns people of frauds using Religion Division name to collect money. Those who met these people are urged to call the police to file complaints against them.

Mr. Preecha reveals that there are some groups of people falsely working under the name of the Religious Affairs Department collect money from the public.

These illegal groups claim they would use the money to buy the four necessities to the Buddhist monks living in royal temples and to present robes to monks at the end of Buddhist Lent. Those who meet these people are encouraged to file complaints against them and alert the Religious Affairs Department.

Mr. Kantiya also says that the Department has a duty to request robes from the Royal Household and distribute them among both government and private sectors that request such robes and present them to royal temples of their preference. However, if the royal temples they wish to make merit to be unavailable, the Department will contact other royal temples for them.

The Department does not force them to make merit at a certain temple as the illegal groups claim. As for private temples, people can contact the temples directly.