Thai Minister calls for Buddhists to ban inappropriate activities in temples

ThaisNews, March 22, 2007

Bangkok, Thailand -- Minister attached to the Office of the Prime Minister calls for Buddhist people and temples to prevent inappropriate activity or performance in temples. Meanwhile, PM’s Office has prepared to launch the “People Love Temple” Project in the Western Region on March 24th.

PM’s Office Minister Khunying Thipawadi Meksawan says the “People Love Temple” Project is aimed to promote significance of temples and increase awareness of Buddhism in Buddhist people. The project will teach them about Buddhist teachings to develop their mind. PM’s Office expects to draw more than 30,000 temples to participate in the project.

PM’s Office has carried out the “People Love Temple” pilot project in Lampang and Khon Kaen provinces. The project has promoted residents to use nearby temples as a venue for arranging religious activities.

Khunying Thipawadi expresses confidence that the “People Love Temple” Project will help strengthen Buddhist people’s mind and encourage Thai people care for one another.