Thais observe Macha Bucha Day

Pattaya People, Feb 20, 2011

Pattaya, Thailand -- On Friday morning at Tamsamakkee temple opposite the South Pattaya Junction on Sukhumvit Road, thousands of Buddhists gathered to conduct food offerings to the monks, with many of the worshippers wearing white outfits, to be in harmony with the purity that this day signifies.

This day marks events that took place during Lord Buddha's lifetime, when * 1250 Buddhist monks from different places came to pay homage to Lord Buddha, each of his own initiative and without prior notification or appointment. * all of them were enlightened monks * and had been individually ordained by Lord Buddha himself * these monks spontaneously assembled, to venerate the Buddha on the full moon day of the third lunar month.

The Lord Buddha then taught the Heart of Buddhism to all 1,250 monks, instructing them to follow the 3 paths to help humans be happy and move away from sorrow, which are insight, Concentration and Wisdom.

On this day, Thai people go to their local temples in to make merit, listen to sermons and also to take part in a candle-lit procession around the chapel.  As previous times were very hard for Thai people, a Buddhist ceremony could help bring peace of mind to the people, and give them hope for the future.