Buddhist nun decorated for charity

VNA, Aug 16, 2006

Hanoi, Vietnam -- Buddhist nun Thich Dam Anh of the Hanoi Phung Thanh pagoda has been presented with the Labour Order, third class, by the State in recognition of her humanitarian activities over the past 60 years.

Thich Dam Anh, born in 1924 in Bac Giang province, became a nun when she was 10. She started her charitable activities in the Qua Cam leper house in the northern province of Bac Ninh when she was very young. She also took part in distribution of famine relief, in burying and celebrated requiem services for thousands of people who died of starvation in 1945.

The 83-year-old nun, with a boundless charitable heart, still joins with members of the Vietnam Red Cross to travel to remote areas and areas affected by natural calamities to help unfortunate people overcome difficulties.

The nun has been awarded more than 200 certificates of merit, insignias, as well as the "For the Red Cross Cause" and "For the Cause of National Great Unity" medals.

Speaking at the Order presentation ceremony held in Hanoi on August 15, Nguyen Huu Hong, deputy general secretary of the Vietnam Red Cross Central Committee, said that the bright example set by Buddhist nun Thich Dam Anh, together with many other examples of humanity and wholehearted assistance to others, have become a symbol of religious and general harmonious life in Vietnam.