Hoa Hao Buddhists celebrate religionís inception

VietNamNet Bridge, June 11, 2009

Hanoi, Vietnam -- The Hoa Hao Buddhist Church on June 10 held a ceremony to mark the 70 th anniversary of the religion’s founding in Vietnam at An Hoa Tu pagoda in An Giang province’s Phu Tan district.

Ha Huy Diem, Vice President of the Hoa Hao Buddhist Church ís Executive Board, said that since the religion first made its presence known in Vietnam in 1939, its dignitaries and followers have been persistent in following the religionís eight instructions and guidelines on ďfor religion and for nationĒ.

He said Hoa Hoa Buddhists were happy with the Governmentís recognition of the religionís legal status and they have actively taken part in many charitable activities, such as building houses for disadvantaged people, repairing roads, and funding cataract surgery for poor people.

So far, the Hoa Hao Buddhist Church has 326 places of worship across the southern region and regularly holds refresher courses on the religionís fundamental teachings for followers.

On the occasion, the Hoa Hao Buddhist Church ís Executive Board inaugurated a commemorative house displaying keepsakes dedicated to the founder of the religion, which were presented by followers from 13 provinces and cities.

It also launched a website at www.phatgiaohoahao.org.vn and a film portraying the religionís development over the past 70 years.