Buddhist temple raises RM15,000 for charity

The Star, January 1, 2012

KUCHING, Sarawak (Malaysia) -- Fa Yuan Vihara, a Buddhist temple here for youths, raised what was surely one of the last large amount of cash for charity in 2011.

At 7pm on new year’s eve, a temple spokesman announced that it had collected a total of RM15,000 from 30 stalls selling everything from cakes to ice-cream and Chinese New Year decorative items.

Organising chairman Tnay Siong Leng said the amount would be distributed to four non-governmental bodies evenly.

“We wanted to do what we can up to the very last minute,” Tnay told The Star.

He said new year’s eve was chosen for the temple’s charity sales because, “there were hardly anyone working yesterday, so they could all come help out”.

The sale was also in conjunction with Fa Yuan Vihara’s fifth anniversary and second anniversary since the opening of its renovated premises.

The recipient NGOs were Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society, Sarawak Cheshire Home Kuching, Society of the Blind Sarawak and Pibakat, an association for parents with disabled children.

Deputy Works Minister Datuk Yong Khoon Seng, who was an invited guest, said he always felt “encouraged to see youths engage in social work”.

“I hope others will see what Fa Yuan Vihara followers have done here and be inspired to contribute back to society,” Yong said.

“The act of giving selflessly is essential to Buddhism. It is also just as important to give from our hearts, without expectations of rewards. Everything that comes from the heart is beautiful.”