Buddhist nuns confined by mall security guard

The Star, July 7, 2007

Penang, Malaysia -- THREE Buddhist nuns were confined by a security guard in a Penang shopping mall after they were accused of soliciting for donations, China Press reported.

One of the nuns was Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA) committee member Ven Hong Sye Hiang.

The nuns, who had planned to buy books at a mall, were stopped at a lift before they were instructed to go to a security room for questioning on Wednesday.

“The guard kept accusing us of impersonating as nuns who were seeking donations in the mall even though we showed him our Sangha (Buddhist group) identity card issued by the MBA,” she said.

The daily reported that the nuns also called up MBA president Ven Seck Jit Heng so that he could confirm their identity but the guard refused to take the call.

They were only allowed to leave when the MBA, through several agencies, managed to get the help of the police.

It was also reported that the nuns also requested for an apology from the mall and asked that action be taken against the guard.