Malaysia: Small town residents in recycling drive

The Star, January 11, 2008

MUAR, Johor (Malaysa) -- Several hundred kilos of recyclable waste and some brand new electrical items were collected from residents in and around the small town of Bukit Pasir here.

The waste, including newspapers, cans, plastic materials, books, magazines, egg holders and even electrical items, were later sold to a recycling plant.

A spokesman for the waste collection campaign, Tay Hock Ann, said the project was aimed at raising funds for the Muar Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merit Society.

“We have been colleting recyclable waste from residents on the first Sunday of every month and we have received a good response.

“Almost every house contributes to the cause of helping society,” he said in Bukit Pasir recently.

Tay said the monies from the sale would be used to help the hardcore poor and those who needed medical treatment.

He said that residents had been cooperative in keeping their recyclable waste and sending it to the hall every month while some even donated brand new electrical items.