INEB to organize "Awakening Leadership Training Program"

The Buddhist Channel, June 16, 2017

"Education needs to be re-envisioned to include the cultivation
of wisdom, as well as learning to live in society and overcoming oppression and exploitation. For education to be more effective, it has to be dialogical, inclusive, and compassionate, and needs to heal the rift between body and mind... Buddhist education begins with humanity’s ultimate questions: What is the meaning of  life?  What  is  our  own  deepest  nature?  What  is  our  responsibility  to  others?  Buddhism  does  not  separate  life  from education" -- Sulak Sivaraksa

Bangkok, Thailand
-- The INEB Institute in collaboration with Ecovillage Transition Asia will be organizing a 5-month "Awakening Leadership Training Program" program for committed social change workers.

The program is designed to provide a break for social workers from their busy schedule and to give them space to deeply reflect upon life, society and  the  state of our ecosystem and  to return back with energy rejuvenated, perspective  broadened, and skills enhanced.

It is aimed at first rank or second rank leader of a non-profit organization, youth leader, or an individual who aspires for deeper spiritual growth as well as social justice and sustainability, or want to create or join an intentional community and ecovillage.

Participants need not to be a spiritual practitioner to join, as long as they have a willingness to explore and practice core spiritual values of compassion, wisdom, contentment and non-violence.

This course is participative, contemplative, reflective and creative.

Students will participate actively in the learning process and, together with other participants contribute meaningfully to the body of knowledge within a trusted community of learning
facilitated by skillful teachers/facilitators.

Participants will learn to look at issues from various perspectives and develop critical and systematic thinking skills.

Participants will develop mindfulness through daily practice.

Although the course is intensive there will be a focus on fun within the learning process and enough time for rest and reflection.

Mindful practice, participatory learning, critical thinking and enjoyment will be woven together holistically during this journey of learning.

The course is designed and will be facilitated by accomplished, experienced facilitators/ teachers  with  decades  of  experience  teaching  new  paradigm  leadership empowerment  courses  in  Southeast  Asia,  China  and  UK  through  SEM-Spirit  in  Education  Movement,  ETA-Ecovillage Transition Asia, Gaia Education and Findhorn College. 

During the course participants will learn to know and love themselves and to deepen relationships with others. They will will be able to analyze society and act wisely for change, while reconnecting with nature and working for sustainability.

Furthermore they will be trained to unlearn and relearn to make their life and contribution relevant, meaningful and rooted in ancient wisdom while being resilient in the present.

At the end of the course, participants are expected to be dynamic leaders for change in the 21st century, ready to be invisible like air and visible like a mountain, heavy like a rock and light like cotton, cool like water and hot like fire.

They will learn to be less self-centred, more confident yet  humble, more trustful and more careful, committed to working for society while knowing how to take good care of yourself.

For details and information on how to participate, please download brochure: