Strive on: Message of support from a Spiritual Practitioner

by Estelgocht, The Buddhist Channel, Sept 25, 2007

"Brethren and sisters, these days they march in Burma. They march for the freedom denied them, a freedom all men and women should appreciate and value above all earthly riches. The terrors of the military regime in control of Burma is well known for history, let us hope they show more respect for human life this time. Let us hope that the young monks, and the people of Burma, may unite and force the military regime to give up their power; and grant it to the people who deserve it.

Let them draw inspiration from great men from the past; I mention here Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr, and all those like them. Let them remember the wisdom of Buddha, and let them hear the wisdom of the Dalai Lama; exile leader of Tibet. But above all else; let them be inspired by their own hearts, and the long for their denied freedom. The greatest strength they will find there!

What is a lord without his people? The military regime may be overthrown by the people of Burma; as long as the people of Burma won't accept the injustice and faulty leadership of the military regime! Let them gather around Aung San Suu Kyi, and let them show the regime that the people of Burma won't be governed by fear, but by the hope for a better life, and the hope for a free Burma!

Their protest against the regime, and their defiance of the suppression should be inspiring also to all other in this world, to all those who suffer injustice. And let them succeed with their dream, so that they may stand as a symbol and guiding light for all suppressed people of the world, and let the tale of their deeds be heard by every living man for generations to come. But not for the sake of their fame; I want no misunderstanding. Their deeds shall be known for the sake of justice, for the sake of inspiring, and for the sake of a better global community!

Let the monks guide the people with their insight, and let them keep their march a peaceful one, yet strong, whatever injustice the regime may do to weaken them.

Let them not submit to the simple way of violence; their dream should always stay clear, and their search so strong that they will defy even death if necessary! What prize is the death of your own being, for the freedom coming generations? What prize is death, for the freedom of Burma? The death of one will inspire ten more to fight the injustice. So let them seek peace and freedom as their solution, not only as their goal. Let them not fall to the low level of their suppressors; let them raise their hands in greeting, not in hatred.

So know, my brethren and sisters, that I speak not only to you as close spiritual friends and trusted ones, I speak to you as brethren and sisters of mankind. As blood run through your veins, blood runs through the veins of the protesting people of Burma, and through the veins of their suppressors; this last should not be forgotten. Support our brethren and sisters through spirit and mind, support them in their fight for the freedom we already have; honour the gift of freedom given to us by our ancestors, so that the coming generations of Burma may flourish under the same freedom as we already have. Let them know they are not alone in their fight.

And let us see an end to the regime; let us see a free people of Burma. That is my wish, and with these words I give my support to the marching monks of Burma."