Gold-topped Buddhist temple opens in Raynham

NBC 10 News, Jun 14, 2014

RAYNHAM, Mass. (USA) -- The largest Thai Buddhist temple in the world, outside of Thailand, opened its doors in Southern New England.

<< The largest Thai Buddhist Temple in the world, outside of Thailand, opened its doors in Southern New England this weekend.

The Wat Nawamintararachutis temple was built in homage to Thailand's King, who was born in the Boston area in 1927.

On Saturday, a Demarcation Ceremony featured an event with nimitta balls and on Sunday a Grand Opening Ceremony was held Sunday featuring lights, candles, and incense.

The temple is a three-story structure complete with a gold statue of the Buddha.

"It's really good for the community. The fact that it's just going to bring everyone together in a place to pray and worship and just come together as community," said Morgan Knapp of Boston.

The stunning building includes a gold steeple rising 185 feet into the air. Inside the temple is complete with a meditation center and an outdoor courtyard for the community to gather and pray.

More than 500 monks were in Raynham for the weekend-long temple dedication. Also present were officials from Thailand and members of the local Thai-American community from across the country.

The $60 million temple was built with funds raised completely through donations. It is located at 382 South Street in East Raynham, Mass.

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