Shakespeare Club hears about Buddhism

Observer Today, Nov 15, 2007

Dunkirk, New York (USA) -- Members of the Fredonia Shakespeare Club met Thursday in the fellowship hall of the Fredonia Presbyterian Church, and were hosted by Mrs. David Smith.

This was the fifth of this season’s weekly meetings featuring presentations on this year’s theme, “World Philosophies and Religions.” President Mrs. William Parks conducted the meeting with 15 members in attendance. Secretary Mrs. Charles R. Erbsmehl read the minutes of the Nov. 1 meeting, which were accepted as read.

Mrs. Witold Wojcik read her paper on “The Appeal of Buddhism.” Mrs. Wojcik summarized her presentation by saying, “Like all major religions, Buddhism contains an explanation of the origin of existence, a morality, and a specific set of rituals and behaviors. Buddhism presents a transformational goal, and a desire to improve one’s situation and a distinct moral goal.

“The basic tenets of Buddhist teachings are straight forward and practical: nothing is fixed or permanent, actions have consequences and change is possible. Thus, Buddhism addresses itself to all people irrespective of race, nationality or gender.

“The practice of Buddhism is very much about becoming a better human being — able to help others as well as one’s self, avoid negative patterns of behavior and embrace positive behavior.”

Refreshments were served afterward and Mrs. William Larson assisted Mrs. Smith at the tea table.

Mrs. Parks thanked Mrs. Smith for hosting the meeting and announced that the next meeting is Thursday at the home of Mrs. Julian McQuiston, at which time Mrs. Kathleen M. Hambleton Bryant will present her paper on “The Celtic Religion of Early Britain.”