Zen and the Alexandria Open Meditation Group

The Buddhist Channel, Aug 28, 2014

Alexandria, Louisiana (USA) -- The Alexandria Open Meditation Group was created in the spring of 2014 to offer the essence of Zen Buddhism to the Alexandria community without Asian rituals and hierarchies traditionally associated with Zen. The group meets at the Yoga Practice Studio, 1205 Texas Ave, Alexandria, Louisiana on Wednesday evenings at 5:15.

Zazen is an ancient meditation which was developed and taught by the person known as the Buddha around 2500 B.C.E. Zazen is the heart of the practice known as Chan in China and refined as Zen in Japan. The word “zazen” is Japanese and means to sit and give one’s entire body and mind to the present moment; to practice being here and now. Erect posture, regular breathing, and softly open eyes are hallmarks of this meditation. It is a universally available practice which does not require any belief or commitment to a teacher or organization. It is single minded sitting in silence without expectation or goal.

Through daily practice of this meditation we can learn to drop the desires and attachments which cause suffering in our lives.  People with deep religious beliefs or none whatsoever can practice this meditation. Sitting in stillness together underscores our common humanity and equality.

Alexandria Open Meditation Group enables interested persons to experience this meditation practice which many of us find to be beneficial in our daily lives.  The Group meets on Wednesday evenings to sit together for thirty minutes.  Discussions or social outings often flow from our group practice which fosters friendships naturally.

Cushions, benches, and chairs are available but please bring your own if you have them.  A contribution of five dollars each time we meet is requested for the use of the facility.  No advance notice is required. 

For further information you may contact Larry White at 318-613-8929 or Margaret Waring at 318-792-5061.

Please visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alexandria-Open-Meditation/216707561728962