Buddhist event intended to heal area 10 monks from the Nechung Monastery in Dharamsala, India, visit General Gomez Arts and Event Center on Monday

By Tricia Caspers-Ross, Auburn Journal, Aug 14 2015

Auburn, Alabama (USA) -- Ten Buddhist monks from the Nechung Monastery in Dharamsala, India, will lead  a healing ritual ceremony Monday evening at the General Gomez Arts and Event Center.

During the ceremony, called a Medicine Buddha healing, visualization and meditation are employed to remove obstacles in the way of the body’s healing, according to organizer Joseph Guida, founder of Sierra Friends of Tibet.

“It’s also possible to use the Medicine Buddha mantra to make medicine work better,” Guida said. “You can use it to bless your food . . . (or) anything you put in your body.”

The 90-minute event is free, and attendees do not have to be Buddhist, Guida said, but organizers do ask that all present believe that healing is possible and that the ceremony will aid in that healing.

A portion of the ceremony will include a discussion of the healing ritual.

“Viewing illness as a result of the three poisons-- ignorance, desire and anger-- Medicine Buddha has the power to see the root cause of disease, and then with compassion and wisdom, address the underlying condition,” according to an Event Center press release.

The Nechung monks – who have studied Buddhist philosophy for 13 years, including regular teachings by the Dalai Lama – will visit Grass Valley and Auburn during their stay with the Nechung Buddhist Center in El Cerrito, Guida said. Their visit to Grass Valley will include prayers for drought relief.

Guida’s hope for the Monday evening event is that it will provide peace and healing to the attendees, he said.

“I hope that the healing will radiate out to all of Auburn and the foothills,” he said.