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The Buddhist Channel, Aug 22, 2016

Hendersonville, NC (USA) -- Heartwood Refuge, a Retreat and Conference Center founded by Venerables Pannavati and Pannadipa with their local community, is now open for its first retreat.

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This Multi-lineage Retreat, Conference Center, and Community; “Provides a place where Monastics, Yogi’s, laypeople, and practitioners of all traditions can understand, arouse, and verify the textual experiences of classical teachings of the Buddha’s Dharma (suttas and sutras).

Heartwood will offer short-term and long-term retreats that are guest teacher-led, self-led, sangha-led, and resident teacher-led; as well as other study and training opportunities; ranging from 1-60 days; now accepting residency at (link)

March 12: They have started a crowdsourcing campaign to finish construction and -open the last set of cabins on the property. With a developed 5-year capital campaign to ultimately become a dana-based center.

Upcoming Retreats:

March 24-27: Heartwood Refuge is set to have its first retreat with Martine Batchelor

April 1-May1: Heartwood Refuge will be holding a month-long work retreat that can be attended for any length of time to further promote engaged community collaboration. There will be Dharma talks, meditation, and other community work activities. You can see and register for this retreat at

Software rollout:

April 1:
“Our training institute, Kammanna (“fit for action” in Pali), offers in-person and digital coursework to help us engage meaningfully and effectively in the world’s social discourse.”

Digitally, using transmedia, they intend to offer an online, interactive, classroom as well in-person study and ordination.


March 9-present:
North American Sanghas have the opportunity to use space at Heartwood for teaching, retreat, and study with a  proposed   membership essentially offering a 30 percent discount and other perks.

Consider residency at: