Tibet's “Oracle” to visit Miami, Florida

by Steve Allen, The Buddhist Channel, July 12, 2007

World class healer and medium comes to the US with messages of hope and change

Miami, FLorida (USA) -- Are we at the tipping point for global warming?   What are we doing as a society to make a difference, or are we making things worse?  The Dalai Lama himself has approved a U.S. tour for “The Medium of Tibet State Oracle” as he brings messages of change.  What will the medium say about the future of humanity? What will he say about the future of the Earth?  The Time is now.

The Dalai Lama solicits “The Oracle” to receive information through his trance and relay personal information that is needed to answer questions.

Now, in an unprecedented, first-ever public visit & speaking tour in the United States, The Medium of the State Oracle of Tibet (www.tibetanoracle.org) will be making public appearances in an 11-city tour sponsored by Philip Stein Teslar.

As a highly respected Tibetan Monk and member of the Tibetan Government, The Medium will be sharing his knowledge with the masses and speaking on critical universal issues such as Global Warming and the importance of personal responsibilities and collective humanity.

“The Oracle” or "Kutenla" his Tibetan name, is often called upon by his holiness the Dalai Lama to go into a trance, at this time he becomes an Oracle and answers questions about pressing matters.

What Is His Message during the tour?

As he tours the United States, The Medium of the State Oracle will share his message of personal responsibility & collective humanity. The Medium has first-hand experience and insight into the impact of global warming.

He'll discuss how human consciousness for the well being of the present and future generations on the globe can be the saving grace. From the "rooftop" of the world in the Himalayan mountain range he has seen the snow pack diminishes. By changing the way we live, work and make money the Oracle will observe that we can reduce greenhouse gases and reverse the trend of rising temperatures and build-up of greenhouse gases that cause such changes.

Born in 1958, in Tibet, his family escaped in 1966 and settled in Dharamsala, India, where he became a monk at age 12.  He was recognized as a medium at age 29, and is highly respected and honored for this role.

This is the first public tour by Kutenla, who has the blessings of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to come and offer his wisdom on a wide range of topics, from global warming and challenges to the earth's environment, to matters of the heart.

He speaks sincerely from a deep level of compassion and love for all, and his generosity of spirit is well-known and revered.

For further information about “The Oracle” trance, please contact Steve Allen, 661.255.8283.