Buddhist temple vandalized for second time in two weeks

By Shayla Reaves, WAVE3.com, Mar 21, 2010

LOUISVILLE, KY (USA) -- A Buddhist temple is vandalized for the second time in two weeks. It happened at the Phuoc Hau temple in the 8500-block of Old Third Street Road. Volunteers contacted WAVE 3 to help get answers.

"It's hard to deal with this every year," Volunteer Jennifer Le said.

Le arrived to help with yard work and discovered property destroyed by vandalism. Spray-paint covered statues and a temple sign near Old Third Street road. It now reads "Buddah's in Hell."

"It's a really bad message that grown people will do this to a temple," Le said."This is our church, but it's temple. It's just a different religion, you know. There is no reason for any prejudice against it."

This is the fifth time the property has been vandalized in the last five years, according to Le whose mother regularly attends services held there. It's a place families are working together to maintain daily for the monk who calls the property his home.

"He say he don't feel mad, he don't get angry," Vietnamese Translator Minh Van Vo said of Monk Ven Thich Thanh Quang. " But feel bad for the person who did something."

Egg shells are still on the property from vandalism two weeks ago, according to Le. Cleaning up is getting harder and harder to do.

"It gets hard to replace this all the time," Le said of the temple that depends on donations to assist with maintaining the property. "I don't think you're a good Christian if you do this either. I don't think that's in the religion. I don't think you're following your faith if you do this either."

The temple is located in LMPD's 3rd Division and WAVE 3 made a call to police to find out more information on the case. We were unable to get any details Saturday but we will continue to follow up.