Gathering is unique link for Buddhists

By Robert King, The Indianapolis Star, November 7, 2004

Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) -- A Vietnamese nun in a lemon yellow robe brought a greeting of peace from her Eastside temple. A Tibetan monk, clad in a sleeveless red robe that made him resemble the Dalai Lama, brought a sacred white scarf -- a gift of respect for a first-time meeting.

A Japanese sensei, robed in black, brought warm wishes to an audience of new friends.

In one of the rarest gatherings of its kind in the state, more than 40 Indiana Buddhists from at least four traditions within the ancient faith came together Friday in Indianapolis for an evening of chanting and meditation.

Followers from throughout state say event reflects growth of religion in Indiana.

Rhode Island resident Lincoln Rhodes, installed as the new guiding teacher of the Indianapolis Zen Center, plans to use e-mail to keep in touch with local Buddhists. -- Steve Healey / The Star

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