Olive Township taking its time on Buddhist temple proposal

By JEREMY GONSIOR, The Holland Sentinel, Apr 15, 2009

Olive Township, MI (USA) -- Olive Township officials will take another month to review special use plans for the future Aram Buddhist Temple proposed at 12528 Port Sheldon St.

After rejecting a site plan in 2007 for various reasons, the township was concerned the temple submitted the same plan on Tuesday.

The township will review the new plans and make a decision next month, said Todd Wolters, township supervisor.

He stressed the delay has nothing to do with religion.

“This township has a Buddhist facility in the township already,” Wolters said. “There’s no problems. That is not the issue.”

The township board rejected the Aram Buddhist Temple’s request in the fall of 2007, citing a change in site plan specifics and the congregation’s continued violation of township zoning ordinances on the property.

They are accused of past violations ranging from public urination to public assembly in an improper building.

“There were a lot of public safety concerns,” Greg Ransford, zoning administrator for the township, told The Sentinel last month.