Garden Grove Buddhist temple members back home

KESQ News, Sept 5, 2005

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. (USA) -- Members of a Garden Grove Buddhist temple who were trapped in Biloxi, Mississippi, by Hurricane Katrina, are back home safe tonight.
Twenty-two members of the Quan am Temple and their leader, whom they call "The Master," had gone to Biloxi to attend the opening of a new temple when the storm struck.

K-C-B-S T-V says flooding forced the group to seek shelter on the roof of the temple. They were trapped for six hours before the water began to recede and they were rescued by a military boat.

Many in the group were elderly, in their 70s and 80s, prompting concern about their safety.

K-C-B-S reports Buddhists from other areas drove to Mississippi to bring them to safety in Mobile, Alabama. From there, they were flown back to California.