Burma's Struggle Continues

The Buddhist Channel, Dec 9, 2007

"An Evening with Burmese monk leader and former monk political prisoner", a benefit event to help the monks and nuns of Burma

Rangoon, Burma -- The People of Burma have been forced to live under the brutal dictatorship since 1962, and have been violently crushed repeatedly every time they rose up against the successive dictatorial regimes.

Recently, led by Buddhist monks, hundreds of thousands of peaceful people are taking to the streets to cry out for an end to the long-standing military dictatorship in Burma yet again.

However, holding Buddhist Sassana flags and reciting prayers of love on the street is now a crime punishable by beating and death. Many monks have been disrobed, beaten, humiliated, tortured, and killed, and there are reports of a massacre in the jungle.

The military junta is raiding monasteries and private homes in the middle of the night and dragging away those they suspect of involvement. Over 4,000 Buddhist monks and protesters have been arrested and the Burmese population is living in fear.

Despite this brutal military crackdown, the brave struggle continues, but both protestors and innocent onlookers are being beaten, arrested, imprisoned, tortured and killed.

To shed more information on the about Burma's current situation, conditions of monks, nuns and Buddhist institutions, Burmese American Democratic Alliance will be organizing a talk by Masoeyein Sayadaw on "The saffron revolution continues".

Masoeyein Sayadaw is the head of the International Burmese Monks Organization ((Sassana Moli) ) founded after recent protests in Burma to help the monks and nuns of Burma as well as to save the Buddhism from the destructive Burma’s Junta.

He is a well-known Buddhist teacher and author of 50 years in Burma. He was derobed and imprisoned in Burma for three years in 1990 for his monastery participating in the Monk’s boycott of the military. He has been actively advocating against the atrocities and destructions of monks, nuns and Buddhist institutions in Burma.

If you go:

What: "An Evening with Burmese monk leader and former monk political prisoner"
When: Monday Dec 17, 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Where: Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian-Universalists
1924 Cedar Street (@Bonita), Berkeley, CA 94709
Program: Video + Speaker + Q&A/Discussion until 9:30 pm


Burma: State of Fear by Frontline/WORLD, 25 MINS, COLOR; After more than 40 years in power, Burma's junta has amassed one of the largest armies in Southeast Asia and wage wars against its own people. This video will shed great light on why the recent protests in Burma took place. With introduction and Q&A by the Frotnline/WORLD Series Editor Stephen Talbot.

Donation accepted. All proceeds go to International Burmese Monks Organization, Inc. (Sassana Moli)

Contact: 510 220 1323; 707-360-8452 www.badasf.org; www.bpf.org;

Organized by Burmese American Democratic Alliance Sponsored by International Burmese Monk Organization, Buddhist Peace Fellowship and Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian-Universalists Social Justice Committee

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